Hello Kitty High tea

By on 24.07.12

A while ago I went to the Hague, we walked by this restaurant called Set Genki Tei. They had an advertisement outside with Hello Kitty high tea on it. Of course it got my attention as it was Hello Kitty. Come on, who doesn’t like HK?

I was in The Hague again with my friend for some shopping and a haircut, when we got hungry. We were thinking about dim sum, but then we remembered the HK high tea.

So they offer a Hello Kitty high tea for €13,99, which is an okay price. For this you must make a reservation since it requires them a lot of preparation.We went by and made a reservation for 45 min later, which was fine. Sadly I didn’t know beforehand that we were going to do this, otherwise I would have taken my camera with me.

We came in and you had the option of green tea, jasmin tea of Pickwick tea. The tea was served in a Hello Kitty pot with matching HK tableware. Soon after the tea came the foods, they were SO CUTE!
On top there were Hello Kitty cookies and chocolates, in the middle HK strawberry and blueberry mousse cakes and some profiteroles filled with red bean, on the bottom there were futo maki sushi and HK grilled cheese sandwiches.

The food tasted good, the grilled cheese only seemed to lack cheese?? Not sure if there was any in it lol. We put strawberry jam on it. The profiteroles with red bean cream filling were not my favorite, but that is because I simply don’t like red bean that much. The sushi was very nice, and the cakes weren’t too sweet.

Overall we liked it a lot. Would we go back? Yes.
Below are some pictures taken with my phone.

Set Genki Tei website:

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