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Thailand: Back home

By on 06.09.12

My vacation is over and I didn’t update while I was in Thailand. Sorry, bad blogger behaviour. University also started this week. I’m in my third year now and doing a minor Software Design.

My vacation in Thailand was great, I ate a lot of sweet mango with sticky rice, pad thai and other nomnom foods. I also succeeded in shopping a lot and buying what I had on my shopping list. I will post more pictures over at the Hungry At Midnight facebook page.

When we arrived in Bangkok at our hotel we immediately went to platinum shopping mall and central world. These shopping malls were close to the hotel, only the pavements are not the best and because of the heat you’d rather not walk.

A part of Central World burned down a couple of years ago and is now totally new again. It’s a very big shopping mall with two department stores and a lot of shops and restaurants. Platinum fashion mall is a huge wholesale mall with over 2500 stores (!!!!!). All those little stores packed with so much stuff are located in two buildings with 6 levels. The buildings are next to each other and there’s a good food court on the 6th floor.
It’s not only wholesale in this mall, Everyone can buy here, only thing is that if you buy one it’s more expensive per piece than buying 3.

The next day we went to Jomtiem. This is Jomtiem beach. Most parts of the beach are full of beach chairs which you can rent for the day for 30 baht or so.

In Thailand there are a lot of food stalls. This one stood out in particular, this one has a nice logo and sells fusion food. We should have these food stalls in my campus!

I did a little bit of sightseeing this vacation, we went to a buddha hill and Chinese temple in Pattaya. There was a nice view of Pattaya there, but you had to walk these stairs first.

My moms friend, who lives in Pattaya brought us to the beach. It was a very quiet area without all the beach chairs and also no people selling food. So my moms friend went to the food stalls down the road and came back with papaya and sticky rice.

Funny thing, the women who sold the papaya salad wasn’t even there. The neighbor, selling something else, said she can make it herself. So she did and came back with a lot of papaya salad. It was really nice.

In Bangkok there are so many places where you can eat a little snack. Here we went to Black Canyon Coffee. It has an enormous amount of different coffees, hot and cold. I had an espresso with a scoop of ice cream. It was so yum! And you get biscuits and tea. I have never seen this before, but it was nice to get something extra. I would definitely go to Black Canyon instead of Starbucks now, it has a greater selection of choices and is slightly cheaper. Starbucks is everywhere, nothing new anymore.

We went to MBK shopping center, this is a large shopping mall with many small stores inside. If you have been to Bangkok you know this place. You have to bargain a lot here. I don’t find it shopping here entertaining, it’s rather exhausting.

This is Chinatown, Sampeng Lane. It is a must see-buy place. It has many shops in a very narrow lane with many people. This lane is for wholesale but you can get smaller quantities also. You can find anything in Chinatown. Sampeng lane is known for fabrics and stationary, but there is so much more. I bought some craft stuff here

There are a couple of new shopping malls opened since my last visit to Bangkok four (?) years ago. Terminal 21 is the coolest shopping mall I have ever been to. This one is different! The mall has a travel theme, de escalators have destinations and each floor has a different city theme. So cool! They also have those Japanese toilets with a panel. Down below you can see the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge.

If you are travelling to Bangkok soon, I recommend visiting Terminal 21. It’s located at the BTS station Asok.

We also went to Gateway Ekamai, this is also a shopping mall with a theme (new trend?). It is a fairly new mall and not all stores are occupied yet. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants there and it was very busy around dinner time. I think this mall will be very busy within a year.

There are a lot of stores already, mainly smaller shops but also a Daiso. Yay! Daiso is a Japanese dollar store with everything for 60 Baht (€1,50). I bought bento’s and kitchen tools at Daiso.

This was a short recap of my vacation. I will post more pictures of my vacation on Facebook.



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