New hobby: needle felting

By on 10.09.12

As I kind of predicted in my introduction post about crafts I found a new hobby: needle felting. I didn’t expect this to be my next craft hobby. During my vacation in Thailand I went to Daiso twice (two locations). The first Daiso we visited has three floors and carries a lot of items, the second one was a smaller store in a Gateway mall. The first Daiso had these small crafts packs and a couple of them were needle felting animal keychain. There were different ones, but I chose the tiger.

The package contains everything you will need. It has the English and Japanese instructions, roving, a needle, four eyes while you need only two, a head pin, two sequins, a bead and a small ball chain. I started that evening making my tiger in the hotel, which supposedly would take 120 min to make for a beginner. It probably took me more than 120 min to finish it. Even though it took a while, I knew I would want to make more things after the tiger. The second Daiso didn’t carry it, or I didn’t find it in the super packed store. Well, too bad I guess. I looked for the wool in Pinn Shop (hobby store in Thailand) and they carried some wool roving but it wasn’t very cheap and they were busy unpacking all the colors so I didn’t buy any.

Back home I started looking for roving on the internet and found some on Etsy. I purchased a pack of 30 colors for €11,70 weighing 170 grams. This was the cheapest I could find and I am happy with it. All colors are very nice and feel soft, only thing I sort of dislike is the sheep smell, which is luckily not that present. It just reminds me of the petting zoo. When the roving arrived I couldn’t start right away, I forgot the special needle at my parents house and had to wait till the weekend. In the meantime I looked for inspiration on the internet. I took the roving with me to my parents and made a couple of small things during the weekend.

I was inspired to make a camera, I saw one online and decided to make a camera with pink accents to attach to my phone.

I also tried wet felting to make a ball, then I made it a bear and now it is attached to my moms phone. Wet felting is a super quick technique to form a ball, only thing is that you have to wait for it to dry. The wet felting ball is also harder than my needle felting things as it became more compact. Everyone I showed hadn’t heard of needle felting before and couldn’t believe you have to stab wool with a needle to achieve a solid thing. It’s an outstanding process. You can expect more of these furry creatures made of wool on Hungry at Midnight!

  • Kat

    I got the the kit from Daiso too but the instructions only come in Japanese. Do you think you could send me a copy with English?

    • Gail

      Here you go! I scanned it for you 🙂

      • Kat

        Thank you!

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