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Chocolate chip mug cake made with pancake mix

By on 22.09.12

Okay, I was happy with the previous mug cake recipe I put on here. But oh boy, I will probably never make that again! This new recipe needs 5 ingredients less than that one and is way less messy. These cakes are yummy. I have made 9 of these mug cakes in 5 days, which is a lot, I know. I didn’t eat them all. I swear.

Last Monday I had a couple of free hours in between lectures. Me and my friend Omnominal went to my place and were surfing the web and checking out recipes. Then I went to cookpad again and saw mug cake made with only pancake mix, milk and an optional tablespoon of sugar. We were like: OMG?! It is possible to make cake with only mix and milk? No egg? Whutt? And only takes 1:20 min?  This is mind-blowing… Let’s try this thing right now!

We took a mug, scooped some homemade pancake mix in, added some sugar and the milk. We wanted chocolate cake so we chopped a piece of dark chocolate and threw it in there. After stirring the thick mass we put on the plastic wrap on and microwaved it for 1:20 min. After these 80 seconds the cake was done. It was amazing, seemed like magic and was mind-blowing as we still couldn’t believe there was cake in such a short time and no egg needed.

After we munched the cake we wanted more. This time we scooped some peanut butter and jam in. Mind blown again, we nommed this one too. Stuffed with cake we went back to uni for a lecture.

The next day I made 4 cakes for me and my friends. Super easy and everyone was happy with a fresh warm cake.

I used my homemade pancake mix, which I have in my cabinet at all times. I love this mix, it is very handy to have around to make pancakes and mug cakes whenever you want. Also in this mix there are no preservatives like in the store-bought ones. Making pancakes with this mix is also not harder than the ones from the supermarket, so I suggest you go make some by yourself instead of buying.

I hope you try this recipe and enjoy your mug cake!

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Chocolate chip mug cake made with pancake mix
Recipe type: Mug cake
Serves: 1
See above for homemade pancake mix recipe
  • 50 gram homemade pancake mix
  • 40 gram milk
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 25 gram chopped up chocolate or small chocolate chips
  1. In a mug, add the pancake mix sugar and milk.
  2. Stir until combined.
  3. Add the chocolate and stir.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap (the one that is suitable for the microwave). Leave some room on top of the mug by creating a "air bubble" with the wrap. Otherwise the cake may stick to the wrap.
  5. Microwave on 500W for 1:40 min or 600W for 1:20 min.
  6. Take off the plastic wrap and enjoy



  • This is makes so much sense. I never would of it in that way. I am sooooo trying this myself!! Nice one!

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