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Weekend trip Lille and Brugge

By on 06.10.12

Last weekend I went to Lille, it is only around 200 km south so we went by car. Drive for less than three hours and you have crossed trough Belgium and you are in France! You notice the difference immediately once you cross the not-so-border-like (European Union) Nederlands-Belgium border. The road signs are not vibrant blue and the street lights are different. The differences between Belgium and France are harder to detect in my opinion. Also North-France and Vlaanderen were once united. I didn’t eat crazy many tartelettes this time, as I now know how to make them myself, but I did enjoy looking and eating some of the local foods.

This was a books and antiques market at a courtyard next to the Grand Place in Lille. A lot of old stuff but also second hand Blu rays.  Not really my thing, but was nice to see.

In France there is a famous bakery chain called PAUL. They sell awesome baguettes and french pastry. They are on almost every corner of the road and have all these nice breads in their windows.

This is Rue de Pétérinck, small busy walking street.

This is one popular bakery. People waiting even outside of the small bakery. I couldn’t spot a name on their building so I guess it has no name? It was on the corner of Rue de Pétérinck and Rue de la Monnaie.

Later that day we had dinner at this super slow service restaurant… It was very busy though, maybe the French like waiting? Good for them I can’t remember their name. But the service was horrible. The waiter had to check if there was a available table for like 5 minutes on the computer while there were several free tables in sight. Then it took 5 min before getting a menu, ten min to order drinks, ten min to get the drinks and ten more min to order food because he did not even ask when taking our drinks order. Food came relatively fast for something that needs to be made, comparing to all previous mentioned things.

I saw this thing called Potje’Vleesch on the menu, referring to Dutch I was expecting some stewed meat in a pot. I had no clue since all other things on the menu are French only. Well o well, this thing in the picture above is Potje’Vleesch. It is called after meat in a jar that was preserved in sour gelatin.

It was ice cold, I expected warm dinner so I was kind of disappointed. My fault that I choose it, so I had to eat it. It doesn’t taste bad, but I wouldn’t order it again.

This is called Carbonade à la Flamande, looks more like stewed meat doesn’t it? This is beef stewed beef in sweet and sour sauce. I would order this next time instead of the Potje’Vleesch.

After the not so super awesome delicious dinner we went to a crêperie called Beaurepaire I. Here I had the dame blanche crêpe, which is a crêpe with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It was delicious.

This is the next day in Brugge. Very small chocolate store, full of people. There are very many chocolate stores in Brugge. They are everywhere.

We were walking by a very busy ice cream shop and concluded it must be good, as the crowd consisted of locals. I had a scoop of dark chocolate and fererro rocher. This ice cream was so creamy and very om nom.

Busy area with tourists.

So many chocolate seashells…

This marzipan looks very tasty, but I know it can’t be. I really don’t like marzipan.

Chocolate everywhere!

I think I find Brugge a more interesting place to visit than Lille. The people in Lille were not very polite and everything was closed on Sunday, while in Brugge quite a lot were open. I think they should be open every day since it was so busy with tourists, come on make money, help the economy!

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