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Savory bread rolls

By on 22.10.12

Okay, you’d might not want to eat these super delicious bacon, onion, corn and cheese rolls before your date, but you would definitely want to any other moment of the day. Awesome as a snack in between meals or as part of your breakfast / lunch. You could even serve these with some soup for dinner. Endless possibilities I’d say.

To make the buns you roll out the dough and drop everything on top, roll it up and cut in to 16 pieces. These are the buns just after cutting.

Here is some foodporn for you, these buns came fresh from the oven.

Still very hot, sizzling cheese and this amazing smell.

These buns are not hard to make as you just make a big roll and cut it up. I will definitely make them another time and try different variations. Here is the recipe, I hope you will enjoy them.

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Bacon cheese onion corn rolls
Recipe type: Bread
  • 250g Bread flour
  • 50g Cake flour
  • 200 ml Milk
  • 30g Sugar
  • 4g Salt
  • 4g Dry yeast
  • 30g Butter (unsalted)
  • ± 10 sheets of bacon, enough to cover your rolled dough
  • 150 gram corn ( I used canned crispy corn)
  • sliced cheese or grated cheese (I used 4 or 5 slices)
  • 1 small onion or half big onion
Making the dough:
  1. Add bread flour, cake flour, milk, sugar, salt and yeast into a bowl.
  2. With the dough hook attachment, mix the ingredients until a dough forms.
  3. Dice the butter into smaller pieces and add to the bowl.
  4. Let your mixer knead the dough on medium until the dough is not sticky anymore. (If you want to do this by hand, first mix with a spatula. Transfer the dough to a floured surface and knead the butter in. Keep kneading until the dough is not sticky.)
  5. Cover your dough with plastic wrap and place in warm spot. I place my bowl on top of a pan filled with warm water. Leave it for about an hour.
Shaping the buns:
  1. After your dough has increased in size, remove from the bowl and place on a floured surface.
  2. Deflate the dough by pressing all air out.
  3. Roll out your dough, about 50 cm x 30 cm (does not have to be perfect).
  4. Divide your onion on top of the dough, then your bacon, corn and cheese.
  5. Roll the dough into a log.
  6. With a sharp knife, cut the log in half.
  7. Cut in half again, you will have 4 pieces. Cut the quarters also in half and divide those in half again. You end up with 16 equal pieces.
  8. Place on baking trays, cover with plastic wrap and let rest for 40-60 min.
  9. Preheat your oven to 175 °C or 350 °F.
  10. Bake the buns for 15-20 minutes or till golden brown.
I used Gouda cheese, as I live in the Netherlands that's the standard cheese here. Use whatever cheese you like, but it tastes very delicious with Dutch cheese.


  • Mmm looks great! I also love your blog and pictures. I live in The Netherlands too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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