des Gâteaux et du Pain

By on 27.01.14

My parents drove me to Paris and stayed here a couple of days. Of course, while in Paris one must eat. After running some errands we got hungry and went to des Gâteau et du Pain. The store looks very nice and smelled like delicious breads. They sell breads, pastries, viennoiseries(croissants etc), cookies, cakes and chocolates. We brought some viennoiseries home. Next time I’ll try some pastry!

chausson aux pommes

Chausson aux pommes. Crispy layers of buttery pastry filled with apple compote. Was very nice and would like to eat one right now. €2,50


Croissant as it should be. €1,50


Cross section of the croissant. I made croissants only once and the cross-section was definitely nothing like this. I blame the lack of fresh yeast in the Netherlands. :p

pain chocolat

Pain chocolat. €1,80

pain chocolat

The pain chocolat was yummyy!


Kouglof. This is a brioche dough (rich -buttery- slightly sweet bread) with white raisins, sliced almonds and coated with sugar. €2,40

chausson au citron

Chausson au citron. Like the chausson aux pommes, but filled with lemon curd. The top was sticky and I think caramelized. €2,50

chausson au citron

As it was filled with lemon curd it was quite sour, so I preferred the chausson aux pommes. I like sour, but somehow I prefer it on a hot day?

Everything was nice and I will definitely will come back to try more.

Where: 63 boulevard Pasteur – 75015 Paris – France

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