Galette des rois

My first week in Paris

Sunday I made chocolate macarons and a galette des rois(king cake) with my neighbor. Both my neighbors don’t really like to eat pastry so I was forced to bring the whole galette home. The galette is eaten at the beginning of the year until fasting. In the cake there is a hidden object. If you eat the piece with that object, you are king of the day and get to wear a crown.

chocolate macarons

The chocolate macarons we made. The macarons are made with French meringue and a chocolate ganache.

I went to the Decorative Arts Museum of Paris on Wednesday and ate a delicious baguette from Eric Kayser at Rue de l’Échelle.

They also put the baguette in the oven once you order so it was extra delicious. ^^

Jardin des Tuileries

The museum Les Arts Decoratifs is located in the same building as Louvre. From the inside of the museum you have a great view on Jardin des Tuileries. As you can see it was really gray that day and it also rained a bit.

des arts decoratifs

I think the museum was okay. From all things I liked the chairs and furnitures the most. I guess that’s because of my Industrial Design Engineering background. There were also vases, jewelry and lots of other things.

Something I find really awesome in Paris: almost all museums are free for people under 26 who live in the EU!

pont neuf

On the way home I decided to check out the famous lock bridge Pont des Arts. Somehow I always thought it was Pont Neuf that had the locks. Only after crossing the Pont Neuf, I noticed the lock bridge was paralel to it haha.

Friday I went to my first CNY celebration (ever). I ate way too much.

Saturday I went to Galeries Lafayette and went to the Art Deco expo, which sucked for €6 as it was a special expo and not free. The expo was interesting but nothing special in my opinion. It was quite small. I will check out the permanent collection another time (that one is free). Saturday I also went to another CNY dinner and ate too much again.

Sunday I baked a double batch of chocolate macarons at my neighbor’s and we filled them with Nutella. We made some crêpes as it was crêpes day (2 February) and I also made bread rolls with ham, onion and tomato sauce. Then we went to the house of CNY celebration #1 and ate way too much again!!

Today I’m not eating way to much and tomorrow will be my first day of school.



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