Paris School

School started

By on 09.02.14

Week one at school.. or week six as they like to call it.

The first two days were introduction, on the third day we made some dough and on day four we made a tarte aux pommes and a flan parisien. Saturday we also had a class, but only because it was open house day. Normally I don’t have school on Saturday.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen this picture. We get lunch at school everyday. To show you what it looks like (how much food we get), here is a picture. Its so much food… But as I’m just a student, I’m stuffing myself at school as it’s free. Then I’ll just eat something simple for dinner.

I haven’t really made any good quality pictures, but I tried to make decent ones with my phone.. This was my tarte aux pommes #1.

I haven’t made a picture of the flan.. the bottom was destroyed after transferring it to the cooling rack and then I just brought it to dinner and forgot to take a picture. It tastes good though.

Saturday I went to Metro (a wholesale like Costco) with my neighbor to check out the patisserie section. Then afterwards my neighbors brought me to school. I’m super happy with my neighbors, they help me out a lot. As it was open house day, they checked out the school while I was in class. I made another apple tart and some almond paste roses.

After school I went to La patisserie des Reves and des Gateaux et du Pain with two of my classmates. We bought mini Paris-Brests. I really liked the cream that was inside. It was not too sweet and not to heavy. Unfortunately the choux was not crispy anymore. But I liked it overall.

On Sunday I went to Kremlin-Bicêtre for the popular food truck in Paris, Le camion qui fume. This food truck (well, she has two) is owned by an international Ferrandi grad.

The menu. I choose the Campagne which consists of a beef burger patty, mushrooms, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese.

the menu

We also shared one portion of fries.

Our meal

My burger. It was a good burger. Liked it.

Burger Campagne

The fries were crispy and tasted good. Sadly it was cold so they cooled very quickly.


Afterwards we went to Chinatown in the 13e, there was a carnaval Chinese new year parade. It was very busy and not that impressive to me.. I can not recommend it.

This was my week.

Gail Ho
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