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What happened in week 2

By on 16.02.14

Bonjour! Sadly, I’m still unable to speak French.. I’m trying a bit tho. Alors, comme ça! I’m basically only speaking English, which isn’t my mother language, while trying to learn French. Every now and then I only know the right word in the wrong language.

This week we made a lot more than the previous week! I’m really happy we did, because otherwise it would be way too slow for my liking. In the picture above you can see my Instagram pictures of this week. I see I am missing some pictures, but to sum it up we made:

  • Tarte aux poires
  • Tarte creme d’amande + framboise
  • Tarte aux pommes
  • Tarte au citron
  • Tarte au chocolat
  • Tarte Victoria
  • Daquoise tart

I also had boulangerie Tuesday, which was awesome! We made baguettes, whole wheat and rye bread. I ate so much bread that day, you can not even imagine.

Trarte aux poires

This was my tarte au poires. It consists of sweet dough, almond creme, pears and sliced almonds. That same day we made another almond creme tart, which was soo yummy!! (it’s the one next to the pear tart in the pic above)

Tarte aux chocolat

Chocolate tart! The only tart I had a photo shoot with this week.. :p

Tarte aux chocolat

Tarte aux chocolat

I struggled not eating this piece before taking the picture. The chocolate tart is made of sweet dough, a chocolate cream (that went in the oven), chocolate glaze and a crispy decoration made with cocoa nibs.

On Saturday I went pastry shopping with some friends from school. We went to Un dimanche à Paris.

Un dimache a Paris

We tried this delicious chocolate pastry. We shared, but I could easily have eaten the whole thing.Un dimanche a paris

Nom nom. Don’t remember the price, think it was €6 something. We also went to another pastry shop, called Arnaud Delmontel. We tried the Opera which was nice. Don’t have a pic. I think my friends do, maybe i’ll add it to the post one day. La patisserie des reves

After walking around in the Montmartre area we went to Beaugrenelle shopping mall. The shopping mall has La Pâtisserie des Rêves, so we went there as well.
saint honore

Bought the Saint-Honoré. So good! Crispy, flaky bottom, choux filled with vanilla creme, choux dipped in caramel and creme chantilly. So Yum!mont blanc

Also tried the mont blanc. I had never tried any mont blanc so didn’t really know what to expect actually. It was okay I guess. Not my favorite thing in the world haha. I rather eat the Saint Honoré 🙂

Next week (tomorrow) we make tarte café and tarte vanille! We will also start making pâte feuilleté  (puff pastry).

  • Erna van Hee

    Meanwhile, back in Amsterdam……..
    Once upon a time we would occasionely get to taste Gail’s fantastic food art.
    Now we have to make do with tantalising pictures.
    Please become a famous chef soon and return to us!!

Gail Ho
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Hello! My name is Gail, I'm a pastry chef currently working in Seychelles. I've studied industrial design engineering and the french art of pâtisserie in Paris. I've been working in Amsterdam, Paris, Biarritz and now in Seychelles.