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Semaine trois!

By on 23.02.14

This week we made more tarts, puff pastry dough, went to Rungis and made more tarts. The first tarts of the week were Pierre Hermé’s vanilla tart and coffee tart. Half of the class made vanilla and the other half coffee. I did the vanilla. Both tarts consist of a sweet dough crust, vanilla/coffee ganache, biscuit à la cuillère soaked in vanilla/coffee syrup, vanilla/coffee cream and vanilla/coffee glaze.


Next up was making puff pastry! Regular and inverse puff pastry dough. We made it in advance (mise en place) and proceeded with a Linzer torte……Worst pastry I have eaten while in Paris.

According to Wikipedia the Lizer torte is the oldest cake in the world. Yeah so it’s outdated. Why the hell did we make this ****? It’s like eating a thumbprint cookie filled with jam, but inverted. Jam with a very small amount of cookie. The crust did taste good tho. There’s just no balance at all. Just eat the jam from the jar, same thing.

2014-02-18 18.46.36

Wednesday we used the regular puff pastry dough to make two apple tarts (again). We had made three tarte aux pommes already.. Time for more apple tart! This time with a puff pastry crust and apples we cooked in butter and sugar. I forgot to take a pic of the second apple tart, but it was just pieces of apple with some sort of flan thingy on top. The tart below has apple and then souffle piped on top.

2014-02-19 18.13.34

Thursday we went to Rungis. I posted about this already, read it here.

Friday we made a tarte Marguerite, which is formed like a flower. It’s made with puff pastry, choux, pastry cream (which we gave a nice kick with Grand Marnier) and fruit. Next to that we also made a fruit band and a apple band. I don’t want any apple tart anymore. :p

2014-02-21 18.12.15

Yesterday I had a great pastry tasting day with some classmates! Will post about that in the beginning of the week.

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