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Week 4: puffing up

By on 03.03.14

This week went by so fast, I thought it was week three.. This week I had the morning classes again, which means get up early and go to bed real early. Which makes the days  seem so much shorter. Anyways, this week was puff pastry week at school. So this weeks main ingredient: Butter!

We made a rectangular almond cream filled puff pastry tart, a round version of it (called pithivier), chaussons aux pommes(apple turnovers), another pithivier, more chaussons aux pommes, pain hollandais (not a Dutch bread), allumettes, another almond cream tart and millefeuille! We made a lot this week but I only liked eating the millefeuille and the chaussons. :p

I only have iPhone pictures of my creations and I think I’m missing one tart with almond cream (was not that pretty + not yummy to me = not take picture).

In the first picture are the chaussons aux pommes I made on Monday. On that Monday we also had French class, which is together with some cuisine students. Every Monday they have pastry class and after French we went to Jardin du Luxembourg with all our pastry… which looked like this. Too much pastry!!!

2014-02-24 22.24.37

So Tuesday we did more chaussons aux pommes (got graded) and a Pitihivier. Wednesday another pithivier (got graded). Below you see the Pithivier. It’s puff pastry with almond cream.

2014-02-26 12.32.20

Then it became blurry what we did when… xD It’s either made on Wednesday or Thursday… Below you see Palmiers.

2014-02-28 11.07.05

This is Pain Hollandais. Puff pastry with almond cream and a crunchy topping made with hazelnuts, sugar and eggwhite.

2014-02-27 13.09.04

These are chaussons italiens. I liked these. You roll the dough with even more butter and fill it with a mixture of creme patissiere and choux pastry with rum raisins, orange and in our case chocolate chips.

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Friday I still remember! ^^ We made these allumettes (aka matchsticks) which were just puff pastry with royal icing. I actually just dumped them in the garbage.. but it was fun making them. (to practice our skills) Had to roll the dough, cut the dough in rectangle, glaze the dough evenly with royal icing, cut them in the same size and then bake ’em. There were all kinds of tools available to roll it evenly, cut it straight, cut same size… I forced myself to do it with my rolling pin and chefs knife and managed to do it quickly and they were all the exact same size. Bravo to myself.

2014-02-28 12.55.49

We also made millefeuille, the traditional one with just pastry cream. Tasted really good! So good I thought I was eating too much, so I gave it to my neighbor.

2014-02-28 12.02.08

This week we will make macarons and millefeuille for the school restaurant!

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