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Week V: Resto week

By on 11.03.14

So this week was a bit different from the previous weeks, because we had to make the dessert for the school restaurant! We made millefeuille for the restaurant, made macarons for two days, a succès cake and some cake decoration.

Week VI is morning classes again, as I didn’t make any time to blog in the weekend I’m rushing to type this blog before going to bed.. Which is at latest around 23:00h. Below are the caipirinha my partner en I did on macaron day two. The macarons of day one were “olive oil and vanilla” and “apricot and saffran”.


This was the best moment of both days: the macaron buffet. It was like an all you can eat thing. We were supposed to pack these macarons. While doing it I tried about half of them (the other half I had already tasted before). That day I went home with ~ 100 macarons packed in 4 boxes (which are now in my freezer) and another big box which I all gave away that same evening. It was very very easy to “get rid” of my macarons. I ate none of the 100!DSC_7443

This is the chocolate praliné millefeuille we made for the school restaurant. It’s made of chocolate puff pastry, chocolate cream, praliné cream and a praliné feuilletine layer.


Two more millefeuilles for the restaurant. A raspberry anise millefeuille and a pistache strawberry one.


Friday we did a cake called “succès”. It consists of a almond meringue and praliné buttercream. As this is a super simple thing to make and looks simple too, we had to decorate it. Chef showed us how to dip nuts in caramel. As I did this once before at home I wanted to something new instead of repeating. I think it was on Masterchef, where I saw a chef making a spiral out of caramel. So in class it quickly became my mission to do the spiral. It was surprisingly easy and by the third or fourth one I had a neat spiral. Below you see the cake. Don’t look at that part where I accidentally stuck my finger in.


After this cake we did some almond roses (roses out of marzipan) and some piping practicing. I really dislike doing those almond roses. I’d rather do more macarons. Those roses are just so boring to me. *sigh* Ohhh well. I think we are done with them.

I need sleep now. Au revoir!

Gail Ho
Mahé, Seychelles

Hello! My name is Gail, I'm a pastry chef currently working in Seychelles. I've studied industrial design engineering and the french art of pâtisserie in Paris. I've been working in Amsterdam, Paris, Biarritz and now in Seychelles.