Weekend Tasting: Europain + Mori Yoshida

By on 22.03.14

I’m posting about weekend before before this week’s and the weekend before together as blogging didn’t happen.. Last weekend my parents and aunt visited me. We did some sightseeing and went to Jacques Genin. It was my first time trying his pastry and it did not disappoint! I had the Paris-Brest with a café creme. The coffee was good too.

So the weekend before last week’s I went to this thing called Europain. It’s a conference for bread and pastry industry people.  This photo below was one of the stand decorations of Eric Kayser.


Bread bread bread.


After eating loads of bread at Europain we decided we needed more carbs and went to Mori Yoshida to try his pastry. We tried the chocolate eclair (~€3,50), the puff pastry choux (~€3,50) and the Polonaise (~€5).

The puff choux thing is a choux baked on top of puff pastry and filled with crème pâtissiere. The cream was nice and smooth, yummy. Not a very very special pastry, but I liked it.


The chocolat eclair was bigger and cheaper then L’Éclair De Genie’s and was tasty.


The Polonaise is a cake imbibed in some syrup, with pastry cream and covered in a thin layer of meringue. It was nice, but not my favorite pastry.


We also had some macarons to try. They were not bad but the vanilla one could have had a more intense vanilla flavor.


À bientôt

Gail Ho
Mahé, Seychelles

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