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By on 09.04.14

I’m not even sure what school week we are in. I tried to count, and apparently it’s week 10 already Ö …  Somehow time flies very very hard and I lost track of everything that’s been happening. I even forgot to take pictures of some things. But now I gathered all the photo’s I have, so this post is for me to keep track too.

We did viennoiserie, choux and entremet and a week of random things like croissant d’amande, polonaise and some things I forgot and don’t have pictures of. (not worth memorizing I think)2014-03-10 13.13.09 2014-03-12 17.21.57

2014-03-13 14.24.20 2014-03-14 12.24.26

All the viennoiserie lined up to get graded. Mine: 15/20

2014-03-14 13.18.43

The next week was choux week. We made eclairs, petit choux, religieuses and paris brests.

2014-03-19 17.25.44 2014-03-20 16.49.59

That week we also had boulangerie in the morning (starting at 7h).

2014-03-21 10.58.24

After using a lot of our energy for baking baguettes for the restaurant and cafeteria in the morning(except for 4 people that did not have bakery), we had regular pastry class after. The line of religieuse (the choux snowman) and eclairs in front is mine. We got graded. 16/20 I believe.

2014-03-21 18.30.46

The entremets. I’m too lazy to explain. I apologize. Questions? Comment below.  2014-03-26 09.06.39 2014-03-26 13.07.44 2014-03-27 11.48.52 2014-03-27 12.46.29

Nailed the moka. 18/20 – Had never used butter cream before going to France as I don’t particularly like eating butter cream. Never iced a cake like this before either. I’m proud ^^

2014-03-28 12.41.16

What the boulangerie chef made out of brioche dough.

2014-03-28 16.09.29 2014-03-28 18.11.49 2014-04-01 15.29.07 2014-04-02 16.18.40 2014-04-02 16.55.36

This Monday and Tuesday my partner and me made 4 kinds of gateaux de voyage.

2014-04-08 12.41.42

  • May-Ling Tjon

    Nice to see how skilled you are becoming . But all these lovely
    pictures are a torment 🙂

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