Weekend Tasting: Dessance

By on 15.04.14

A couple weekends ago I went to Dessance with some friends. This is an all-dessert restaurant. Yes dessert only. The chef is Christophe Boucher (ex chef patissier of Ledoyen and Grand Vefour). Dessance opened somewhere in the beginning of this year.

The restaurant offers a menu carte blanche which consists of a mise en bouche, and 4 desserts of chef’s choice. We took the opportunity to share this experience by ordering the menu for two. They also offer a drink/wine pairing. (we did not try)

In the picture on top, you see the mise en bouche. I didn’t fully understand the French to know what was in there (and if I would, I would not have remembered anyway). From what I remember, it had pear and wasabi. It tasted fresh and I liked it.

Below is the first dessert we had. Honestly don’t know anymore.

2014-03-22 19.43.20

Sorry bad bad picture. Don’t have a better one 🙁 I believe this was pear with greek yoghurt ice cream and some other things.. xD

2014-03-22 19.57.08

This here was a beetroot dessert. With white chocolate cream, cranberry compote and a sorbet. This one is memorable. This dessert was not very sweet and was balanced out with savory beet flavor and sour cranberry compote.

2014-03-22 20.15.15

Omelette Norvegienne. My friend who didn’t take the set menu ordered this one as a single dessert. She kind of expected an omelette lol. It’s like a baked alaska. This one had a strong whisky flavor. In the center there was vanilla ice cream, caramel and a biscuit soaked in whisky.

2014-03-22 20.39.56

After the desserts we had some mignardises which were a spoon with cream and some coulis, a marshmallow and a sesame tuille.

2014-03-22 21.11.24

I’m sorry I don’t have accurate descriptions or high quality photos. I enjoyed the food and recommend this place.

Address: 74 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris

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