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5 months in Paris

By on 25.06.14

Five months in Paris have passed. I’ve had five months of pastry training in school and I have gained a kilo for each month. These five months were most definitely the fastest five months in my life. Everything went super fast. Days, classes (except for wine class which always seem to take 10 hours) and gaining weight. Oh well. #YOLO? No, I have a plan. I’m going back home for 1,5 months, will eat healthier and workout more (which is easy because right now, me working out is equal to none).

I haven’t updated my blog about school for a long time now. I don’t think I will blog about those weeks or maybe months anymore. Instead, I will tell you what I did last week and what I will do after this week.

Monday, last week, we had our final exam. This exam consisted of us making an apple tart, eclairs and religieuses in 5 hours. Everything went well but, my apple tart crimping edge still needs improvement. Tuesday we had a day of nothing, at school. The only thing I remembered is drinking some champagne that day.

Wednesday we went on the trip I would have never had, if it wasn’t for school…… Sounds logical right? Well. I would never plan this trip myself or something similar. It was simply really boring. Maybe the fact that we were surrounded by people of 70+ had something to do with it too. Here are some pictures of grass and water I have seen in those three days. I will save you the pictures of the food, not that impressing. Day 1 dinner was even the worst meal I have ever eaten…






The last day we went to a city called Étretat. We only spend ~1,5 hours here, but I would have rather had spent the three days here.. At least this little town has a nice view! I wouldn’t mind the boat ride here… (The first boat ride was in between grass fields and peoples gardens and on the second boat ride I slept)



So that was my – not so – awesome final school trip and now I have vacation. Monday I bought ice cream from L’Éclair de Genie and today I went shopping in the soldes (summer sale). If you are in Paris in summer, try this ice cream! I highly recommend spending your €6,50 on this pricey but very delicious ice cream. The ice cream is very creamy with a nice salted caramel flavor. On top is an in-chocolate-dipped eclair filled with salted caramel and ice cream. yum yum yum….. :3


This weekend I will leave Paris and will go back to The Netherlands. I will bake for my relatives to celebrate my birthday and will be open for business if anyone wants to order a cake! Or cookies, candies, confitures.. 😉 I will get back to posting recipes on the blog this summer too!

Half August, I will return to Paris for my internship at a palace hotel!

  • Fun

    Hi Gail! I have been following your blog since i decided to apply for Ferrandi’s pastry program.

    The school has just notified me that i got into the Feb 2015 intake. I would like to find out whether you have any tips/advice on housing. Would love to hear more about your experience hunting for a place to stay in Paris. 🙂


    • Gail Ho

      Congratulations! It is not easy to find a place in Paris, while not in Paris. School can send you a list with some available rooms and some links which you can try. If you use an agency, expect to pay a fee and a deposit.
      For me, I couldn’t find anything affordable online and I went to Paris to check some rooms in December as I wanted to see it too.
      I ended up taking an apartment from a friend from a family relative… Now I’m moving to a place where my friend used to rent… So I don’t think I have great advise for you… I’m really sorry.
      Where are you from? Because maybe there are some forums for housing for people of your country 😉 good luck with the search!

      • Fun

        Hi Gail!

        I’m from Singapore. Is there a housing forum for Singaporeans? I just got connected to two ladies through Cheftalk and maybe something might work out.

        All the best for your upcoming internship.
        Dank u wel and happy holidays. 🙂

        • Gail Ho

          Thank you!
          I know there are some forums in Chinese with topics for housing in Paris. Some friends from Taiwan and Canada have found housing that way. I don’t speak Chinese so I have no idea what they are called. Hope it works out 😉
          Geen dank and if you have more questions, just ask here or email me.


          • Fun

            Hi Gail! It’s me, Fun. Just want to know how you are doing for your internship. Are you on a three or six months internship?

          • Gail Ho

            Hey Fun! I started my internship half august and so far so good. I’m doing 6 months 😉

          • Fun

            Oh, so you get to choose how long you wanna do it…or it depends on the place which you applied for? Are you given an allowance for working there?

          • Gail Ho

            Yep you choose, but some places like Pierre Hermé will only take interns for 2 months unpaid. And yea, if you work more than 2 months they are obligated to pay the stagiaire a minimum of 430 euros per month

          • Fun

            ooo…I wouldn’t mind unpaid work if it’s Pierre Hermé. 🙂

          • Gail Ho

            haha many many people don’t! But I’m in a good place too and I get paid :p

          • Fun

            Tell me about it! I wanna know. 🙂 email me? When you have time for rest.

            Hebben een goede dag! I miss dutch croquette and HEMA sausage buns :p

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