Tea time at Les Heures – Le Prince de Galles

By on 14.09.14

After a break from testing pastries in Paris I’m back in the game! A week ago I checked out the bar Les Heures inside the palace hotel Prince de Galles. The bar is the “casual” dining place of the hotel and where the afternoon tea happens. I took the “French tea time / thé a la française” which consists of a hot drink, a pastry of choice and a selection of cakes for €32.

Above you see the famous millefeuille of the pastry chef Yann Couvreur, which is the pastry I chose!  This millefeuille is not like a regular millefeuille, as it doesn’t have the puff pastry layers. However, it does have crispy layers of arlettes(the thin slices of kouign-amann dough, cooked in a contact grill) and intense vanilla cream. I liked what I ate, but I wouldn’t consider it the best millefeuille out there. Also, it was a little bit too much for me. Or maybe because it was the first heavy pastry I ate in weeks… xD

Cake selection

With French tea set you also get a selection of cakes. Above you see three different cakes (this plate is for two persons). The cake in front is a lemon cake, the one on the left is a marble cake with a chocolate almond glazing and on the right you see a hazelnut cake. The outside of the marble cake was very similar to eating the almond Magnum ice cream haha. All cakes tasted nice, but the way they put it on a plate bothered me lol. Doesn’t it look sloppy? Or is that just me?

Overall the visit was worth the try, but I think I won’t be back very soon.

Bar “Les Heures” in Le Prince de Galles
33 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris /

  • Liz Marsden

    it totally looks sloppy, and that would bother me too if I’d paid 32 euros! Does look tasty though, which of the cakes was the nicest?

    • Gail Ho

      I liked both the marble and the hazelnut one, the lemon one was just ok to me. I can make a better one haha.

  • May-Ling Tjon

    Looks sloppy indeed. Especially when you paid € 32

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