Weekend tastings: Pastry tour

By on 05.10.14

I had a little “pastry tour” with a wonderful blogreader – Hey Samantha!! ^^ – and my new flatmate (+ sister later)! We started off with Mori Yoshida, proceeded to Rue du Bac where La Patisserie des Reves, des Gateaux et du Pain and Angelina are located. After that we went to Sadaharu Aoki near Jardin du Luxembourg and to Samantha’s place for the degustation.

The first photo you see is a apple tart from Des Gateaux et du Pain. It’s inspired by the classic tarte tatin and consists of a biscuit, maple syrup cream, crispy pecan and caramelized apples. From everything we ate today, this happend to be my favorite.

So at Mori Yoshida we bought the choux and an eclair. I ate that choux before and I tried a eclair there too. This time the eclair café instead. It had a strong coffee flavor. These were just two simple choux pastries, but the creams at Mori Yoshida are very nice.
Mori Yoshida

At Sadaharu Aoki we picked up these three. A little problem with the transport… The box went vertical at one point lol. Here we picked up the symphonie, caramel salé and citron pralinéSo only symphonie was new for me, the pink one. This is a pastry that is made of a macaron base, fresh raspberries, earl grey creme brulée and violet cream. I liked it, but the caramel salé is still the favorite!

Sadaharu Aoki

Another one we tried is this one from La Patisserie des Reves. The Saint-Honoré. I have eaten this one before as well, so no surprise for me here. Same as always :p

La Patisserie des Reves

I think next time, it’s time to try the 2000 feuilles.

Gail Ho
Mahé, Seychelles

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