Weekend Tasting: Pierre Hermé

By on 25.10.14

The other weekend I went to Pierre Hermé with my friend to try some pastries we hadn’t tried yet. We picked up two macarons and three pastries. The one you see above is the tarte café. Every component of this tart is coffee flavored. I liked it, but my coffee loving friend thought the coffee they used wasn’t good enough. We made this one in school too, but the one we made was really sweet.

One of the macaron flavors we hadn’t tried from PH was crème brulée. This one was quite nice and had a strong vanilla flavor.


As truffle season has started, Pierre Hermé has white truffle hazelnut macarons now. It has a really strong odor and they pack it separately from the other macaron. Eating this macaron is not like eating any other macaron, it’s not like eating a sweet thing. I liked the flavor but texture wise it was too soft for my liking.


Next up: 2000 feuilles! Finally tried this one! You really need to share this as it is too big to eat on your own. (Oh later our other friend joined, we definitely did not eat all of this with the 2 of us). I enjoyed eating this millefeuille, crisp and creamy. Bonus points for the feuilletine praliné (one of my favorite things). As I imagine not everyone knows what that is, it’s a mixture of chocolate, praliné and feuilletine -crispy cookie wafer pieces-. This is spread out and makes a crispy praliné layer within the pastry. You can see that there’s 3 layers of puff pastry, in between the bottom and middle one is the layer of feuilletine. Definitely a must try!IMG_8409

Last one is the chou ispahan. It was fetish ispahan so there were many ispahan flavored items in the shop. This chou had a lychee on the bottom, rose flavored cream and fresh raspberries. For me it was too much cream. Not bad, but not great either.


We visited the shop at 72 Rue Bonaparte.

Gail Ho
Mahé, Seychelles

Hello! My name is Gail, I'm a pastry chef currently working in Seychelles. I've studied industrial design engineering and the french art of pâtisserie in Paris. I've been working in Amsterdam, Paris, Biarritz and now in Seychelles.