Weekend Tasting: Pralus

By on 21.12.14

If you haven’t eaten this bread before, it looks odd. If you have, I bet you just want to eat it again now you think about it. This bread is called La Praluline by François Pralus. It’s a rich buttery brioche filled with pink pralines. Almonds and hazelnuts are being coated in rose sugar, cracked and folded into the brioche by hand.

There are two sizes, petite(€6) and grande(€12) and they pack the bread like a gift, with a bow and everything. My friend and I bought the Praluline to bring over to another friend, we were very glad it gets packaged this way… If it was just in a paper bag like most bakeries provide, the brioche would probably have never arrived at its destination!


The inside of the brioche, the pralines are in every single bite.


Pralus has multiple shops in France, with two in Paris.
35 rue Rambuteau 75004 – Open everyday from 10 – 19h30 and Sundays till 19h
44 rue Cler 75007 – Open everyday from 10-19h30 and Sundays till 14h
Gail Ho
Mahé, Seychelles

Hello! My name is Gail, I'm a pastry chef currently working in Seychelles. I've studied industrial design engineering and the french art of pâtisserie in Paris. I've been working in Amsterdam, Paris, Biarritz and now in Seychelles.