Time for another adventure.

By on 25.05.15
In my previous post I updated about graduating and getting a job in Paris, at the hotel where I interned. Now, roughly one month later, I moved out of Paris. Even though I got myself a job at a great hotel, I got tired of Paris and needed a change.

So time for a new adventure, I quit my job and I moved to the south of France to a small town called Biarritz. It is almost Spain and the city is well-known for surfing. The vibe is very relaxed and the ocean view is impeccable.
Getting here was quite an adventure, I took the train for 5.5 hours with my friend Hana who helped me carry all my stuff. As she was here just for the long weekend we explored the town and went on a trip to San Sebastián to eat and drink.

San Seb is only one hour by bus away from Biarritz and the city is known for its gastronomy. The city houses 3 of the top 50 restaurants in the world and has, after Kyoto, the highest number of Michelin stars per square meter! We weren’t there for the Michelin food this time. (don’t have enough money lol)
Apart from the fancy highly experimental gastronomy, San Sebastián has great pintxos bars. We did some research online and went to Zeruko and A Fuego Negro.

Zeruko is one of the more experimental pintxos bars in the town. There is this buffet type of set-up, where you pick whatever you like. After you made your choices, you give the plate to the people behind the bar and the items will be heated up/finished in cooking in the kitchen. All of the pintxos also get plated individually, as where at most pinchos places you pick what you like, put it on your plate and that’s it.

We tried four things and everything was only €3 per piece. As there was no description per item, we don’t now exactly what we ate but it was very good. Except for the egg shaped jelly thing. It was rather strange haha.

Some deep fried fish paste ball on top of a confiture. Very yummy, no clue what I ate.
A pintxo consisting of bread, ham, squid, a basque(Gernika) pepper. Very very yummy.
Egg shaped thing, not super delicious…. There were some nuts and cheese inside and the outside had a strange texture. In the background you see another toast, which was very good as well.
DSC_9490 DSC_9496
After Zeruko we walked to A Fuego Negro. On the way there we got ourselves some fresh churros too. At A Fuego Negro we tried the “little bird” which was a small roasted quail and a small Kobe slider. Both were very tasty and the bar has a cool atmosphere.
DSC_9505 DSC_9508
After all the eating we went for a walk to check out the beautiful view on top of the hill.
In the evening we took the bus back to Biarritz, ate some more seafood at Bar Jean and then the holiday weekend was already over… It went very very quick and now reality starts again. Time to get back to work with my former colleague, but now at Hotel du Palais in Biarritz! We also made an Instagram account (@patisseriesdupalais) and a Facebook page. Make sure to follow to see all the yummy stuff we’ll be making!
More about my new job next time:)
  • Hi there. I just dscovered your blog. I am curious why you left Paris. I have been there for many years now, more than I would ever imagine and I wish I could change. When you moved to Biarritz I guess you knew you’d get a job offer at Biarritz? How is life over there in the South? Are the people different ? More laid back?

    • Gail Ho

      Hi! I left Paris for my current job, I worked with my current chef in Paris already and he offered me a job to come work for him in Biarritz. 😉 Paris is nice but for living it’s not really relaxed, here where I live it’s quite laid back and the people are generally nice. In Paris people wear all black for example, while here it’s more colorful haha.

      • I like colorful too. It means we have lots of goodness going on and aren’t too preoccupied with size and look but going for healthy living. I came across your blog while looking for a coffee recipe. Love your candidness in your posts. Hope you are doing well these days and thriving in your new abode. 🙂 Suzette

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