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Time for another adventure.

In my previous post I updated about graduating and getting a job in Paris, at the hotel where I interned. Now, roughly one month later, I moved out of Paris. Even though I got myself a job at a great hotel, I got tired of Paris and needed a change.

So time for a new adventure, I quit my job and I moved to the south of France to a small town called Biarritz. It is almost Spain and the city is well-known for surfing. The vibe is very relaxed and the ocean view is impeccable.
Getting here was quite an adventure, I took the train for 5.5 hours with my friend Hana who helped me carry all my stuff. As she was here just for the long weekend we explored the town and went on a trip to San Sebastián to eat and drink.

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Gail Ho

I graduated! + Snapshots of my internship

Wednesday the 26th of November I officially graduated from Ferrandi. After 5 months of doing the Intensive program in French Pastry and 3 months of interning we all got our diplomas. So question is, what am I doing now? In this post you’ll read all about where I interned, what I did and what I’m currently doing.

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des gateaux et du pain

Weekend Tasting: Des gateaux et du Pain

Last time I tried the apple tarte tatin from des Gateaux et du Pain, this time we tried the damassé and the chausson au citron. The chausson I had tried before already actually and I think my taste preference changed a bit over these months.

The damessé is like a baby of the parisian flan and the Portugese pastel de nata. It had a mild flavor and was not very sweet. I might say the flavor was too mild maybe. Not bad though, just not as good as the Portugese Pastel de Belem.

des gateaux et du pain

Last time I found the chausson a bit too sour, this time I really appreciated the acidity.

des gateaux et du pain des gateaux et du pain

Overall I really like Des Gateaux et du Pain, the pastries are made less sweet which I appreciate.


It’s 2015! I can’t believe how fast 2014 has passed. A lot has happened in this year for me. My journey of becoming a pastry chef started and I moved to Paris in the end of January to study french pastry at Ferrandi. In the end of June I finished school.

I went back to the Netherlands to have a break and started interning at a prestigious palace hotel in mid-August. I have been going to work with pleasure every day, ever since I started.

This year I have met a bunch of awesome friends and colleagues. Thank you for being part of it! Also thank you for reading my blog, I wish you all a very happy new year :)


Weekend Tasting: Ciel

Ciel is a pastry shop that only sells angels cakes. I have been here once before in March and had the chocolate cake then. As one of my friends is leaving Paris soon (for good T_T) she wants to try some places before leaving town. One of the places she hadn’t tried yet was Ciel, so off we went. We chose the chocolat/hazelnut and basil angel cakes.


The chocolate hazelnut cake was €6,00 and the basilic only €3,50. Both cakes were great and totally different from each other.

We started with the basilic, we called it our pré dessert as it is vegetal and more an introduction to a dessert than the dessert itself. Anyway, the cake came with a pipette filled with olive oil to sprinkle on the cake. The cake was light in texture, slightly sweetened with a nice basil flavor. It might be just a little bit odd at first bite, but definitely a like for me.

The chocolate hazelnut angel cake had a filling in the center, which was dark chocolate cream and milk chocolate chantilly. On top were some sablé pieces and caramelized hazelnuts. The cakes at Ciel are all not very sweet (I think), neither was this one. It was light in texture and the right amount of sweet. A good not-at-all-heavy chocolate cake. But if you are craving for one of those decadent intense chocolate cakes, like the grand cru from La patisserie des Rêves, this is not the place to be.

There is only one shop, with also some sit-down possibilities located at:3 rue Monge 75005 Paris
The shop is open everyday from 11-20h and Fridays and Saturdays until 22h.



Weekend Tasting: Pralus

If you haven’t eaten this bread before, it looks odd. If you have, I bet you just want to eat it again now you think about it. This bread is called La Praluline by François Pralus. It’s a rich buttery brioche filled with pink pralines. Almonds and hazelnuts are being coated in rose sugar, cracked and folded into the brioche by hand.

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Cinnamon Buns

This is the recipe I have been making for years, but somehow I never posted it here. Before I knew I could make these things myself (before I really got into baking at home), I used to eat them during every trip to the US or Canada. Preferably as breakfast or afternoon snack. I prefer the buns slightly warm -fresh out of the oven or the next day heated up- without the thick layer of frosting. I just don’t like frostings that much, also the reason why I dislike most cupcakes.

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Weekend Tasting: Pierre Hermé

The other weekend I went to Pierre Hermé with my friend to try some pastries we hadn’t tried yet. We picked up two macarons and three pastries. The one you see above is the tarte café. Every component of this tart is coffee flavored. I liked it, but my coffee loving friend thought the coffee they used wasn’t good enough. We made this one in school too, but the one we made was really sweet.

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des gateaux et du pain

Weekend tastings: Pastry tour

I had a little “pastry tour” with a wonderful blogreader – Hey Samantha!! ^^ – and my new flatmate (+ sister later)! We started off with Mori Yoshida, proceeded to Rue du Bac where La Patisserie des Reves, des Gateaux et du Pain and Angelina are located. After that we went to Sadaharu Aoki near Jardin du Luxembourg and to Samantha’s place for the degustation.

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Grand Cru chocolat

La Pâtisserie des Rêves by Philippe Conticini

So somehow La pâtisserie des rêves never really made it to the blog, although it is one of my favorite pastry shops! The chef is Philippe Coniticini. He is a well known pastry chef. His shops are one of the few shops I actually revisit more than once. I think I mentioned the Paris-Brest that I had tried once, but after that no more? Time for a change, so here is what I tried so far since coming to Paris!

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