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Christmas teddy 1x1

Christmas teddy

It’s December already, snow fell yesterday and Christmas is in a few weeks already. Time for some Christmas amigurumi! I wanted to make something for Christmas for weeks, but I’m so busy these days… Thursday I had some free time so I started to make this teddy and finished it today. This is the first pattern I made for my blog, so I hope you like it. :)

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Custom print label

Make your custom labels

For my cousins birthday I made a jar of pancake mix. I wanted to add something fun to the boring jar and made a custom sticker! I saw this sticker making trick a long time ago somewhere on the internet. It is super easy. All you need is packing tape, a laser printer, paper and water. Read on to find out how to make these.

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New hobby: needle felting

As I kind of predicted in my introduction post about crafts I found a new hobby: needle felting. I didn’t expect this to be my next craft hobby. During my vacation in Thailand I went to Daiso twice (two locations). The first Daiso we visited has three floors and carries a lot of items, the second one was a smaller store in a Gateway mall. The first Daiso had these small crafts packs and a couple of them were needle felting animal keychain. There were different ones, but I chose the tiger.

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Crafts introduction

As you may or may not have seen, the crafts section was still empty. This is changing right now.

I will give you an introduction about my crafts/creative activities. This is very difficult, I have had so many different hobbies.. drawing, crafting things from paper, origami, clay, beading, crochet and amigurimi. I may have forgotten something. This post is to somewhat show what kinds of crafts you can expect on Hungry at Midnight.

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