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New theme, again

The first theme I made by adjusting a theme with too many lines, because of all the adjustments it was not working properly on the iPad nor Internet Explorer. (I don’t use IE and I definitely recommend not using it!) Since the code was so chaotic, I could not find a solution for the many errors.

Two days ago I got my new MacBook and installed some new programs. I created a new theme with Adobe dreamweaver, this time by editing a very basic theme. Hope you like it!

Website redesign!

Yay it’s vacation! On the 27th of July Hungry at Midnight will become one year old. Last year I started this blog also in my summer vacation. However when my vacation was over, I did not update as much as I’d like. I’d still bake and cook regularly, but I did not take any photo’s.

Another thing why I didn’t update a lot was because I did not like the site. I like building websites, the first web page I made was when I was ten.  I Have made several useless (just for fun) websites since then and a two useful ones. Therefore I want to be able customize my blog and with the you cannot do a lot of that. However, for people who cannot edit webpages themselves (but I bet you can if you try) or are fine with the options, a blog is great.

And since it’s vacation and I’m not going to Thailand yet, I decided to buy a domain and build After working two full days the site is done!
The blog has also gotten new categories and you can now follow Hungry at Midnight on twitter and Pinterest, like on Facebook and subscribe for updates.

A new recipe of Madeleine cakes will come online tomorrow.

Edit: having some issues with IE explorer compatibility. working on it. I suggest to download a new browser, IE is the worst.