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Macarons with chocolate ganache

Hey guys, happy new year! Sorry for sort of neglecting Hungry at Midnight for the past two weeks. I did bake quite a bit, but didn’t make any posts.. I don’t do new years resolutions, but this year I will keep baking new yummy things. I baked macarons three times in December so it’s definitely worth a post.

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Gift box cookies

Gift box cookies

Gift box cookies-7

Christmas is coming soon, way sooner than I hoped as deadlines and exams are also way too soon now. At least this is my last week and I will have two weeks off to bake, create and eat a lot! I have made Christmas present box cookies for under the mini tree and my cookie box. I hope you try them out, I think they will be a crowd pleaser on Christmas!

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Waffle Cookies 1x1

Waffle cookies

These waffle cookies are so cool don’t you think? You make the dough and drop spoonsful in your waffle maker and let it do magic for 3 minutes. Hot waffle cookies will come out in no time. These cute waffle cookies are very easy to make and also very delicious.

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Hello Kitty cookies

October 7th was my cousin Jo-Ann her twelfth birthday. She also likes baking and I think she is my biggest fan too. I knew I had to make something, but I was not sure what. Soon after wondering what to give her, I received my package with my Hello Kitty cookie cutter. This is the same cookie cutter they used at the Hello Kitty high tea! I was super exited to make these cookies and went on looking for a recipe. They turned out perfect!

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Squeeze cookies filled with jam

Two years ago I made jam filled cookies for the first time. Those were thumb cookies, very easy also but these are even easier because piping the dough is faster than molding by hand. These cookies are not really sweet themselves, the sweetness has to come from the jam. I’m not sure how to call these, I’ll just go with filled squeeze cookies.

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Panda cookies

These are the panda cookies I made with my cousin when we were making panda bread. It was very fun, and challenging, to make these. They are super cute and tasty. Read on for more on how to make them and pictures.

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French madeleine cakes

My mom’s birthday was last Saturday, she once mentioned she wanted madeleine cakes. She couldn’t find the special baking pan, as madeleines would not be madeleines without the shell-like shape. As I was shopping in the Hague, I went to DOK and found the baking pan. I bought it and also a dopper water bottle as her birthday present. She was very happy with both :)

Now it was time to make the madeleine cakes, my mom found a recipe on These were very nice, I ate three within a short amount of time. Which is okay, they are small, do not contain a lot of fat and will dry out quickly.

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chocolate chip cookies

Queens day and chocolate chip cookies

I haven’t been updating for a while, it’s hard for me to update regularly since I’m busy with my study daytime and when I come home I cook quick meals and eat them directly. No time for pictures when I’m hungry. But since my dad’s colleague liked the cookies so much and wanted the recipe, I decided I would upload it here.

Last Monday was Queens day. My little cousin wanted to sell cupcakes in Vondelpark, Amsterdam. She made orange cupcakes with a crown and I made cookies to sell. It was very busy and warm that day but for some reason people were not buying as much as we hoped. Last year my cousin sold twice as much. A Turkish news crew came by to interviewed her, told us it was awesome and looked delicious, but sadly bought nothing… My parents gave left over cookies to their colleagues and I gave some to my neighbours. They really liked the cookies!

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toffee bits cookies

Chocolate chip toffee bits cookies

A while ago I went on holidays to Orlando, USA. Ofcourse I did some foodshopping and brought back chocolate chips and toffee bits since we can not buy them here as far as I know. I looked at other recipes on the internet and created my own. I will show you the step-by-step process.

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