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Waffle Cookies 1x1

Waffle cookies

These waffle cookies are so cool don’t you think? You make the dough and drop spoonsful in your waffle maker and let it do magic for 3 minutes. Hot waffle cookies will come out in no time. These cute waffle cookies are very easy to make and also very delicious.

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Chocolate chip mug cake made with pancake mix

Okay, I was happy with the previous mug cake recipe I put on here. But oh boy, I will probably never make that again! This new recipe needs 5 ingredients less than that one and is way less messy. These cakes are yummy. I have made 9 of these mug cakes in 5 days, which is a lot, I know. I didn’t eat them all. I swear.

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Homemade pancake mix

I’m my third year of bachelor Industrial Design Engineering and this semester everyone has to do a minor. I chose to do a minor Software Design at the faculty of Computer Science. Even though I live almost next doors, I lunch at the faculty with my two friends every day. This is because we can bring anything to the cafeteria and heat it up in the microwave! We don’t have microwaves at our own faculty so we decided we have to use them every day for this semester. Today’s lunch will consist of pancakes and sandwiches.

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