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Apple pies

I was craving apple pies to eat with your hands, like those McDonald’s ones. We once had them at McDonald’s here in the Netherlands but they disappeared a couple of years ago. Now we do have apple pie here at McDonald’s, but it is a Dutch apple pie. A slice of pie, with a woven crust on top. But anyway, I wanted to try homemade puff pastry for a while now and make apple pies with it.

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Strawberry tarts

Last weekend some family was coming over for bbq dinner at my parents and nowadays they kind of expect me to make a nice dessert. This time me and my mom made strawberry tarts. They were very tasty and this recipe was not very difficult.

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Blackberry lime pie

This is the first time I made something with blackberries. It may also have been the first time eating them but I’m not sure. My dad bought them at the local market for super cheap and since we had a barbecue with the neighbours I was asked to make something with them. As I was looking for recipes and ideas for things to make with blackberries, I noticed that the combination blackberries with lime is made often. It sounded nice so I made a blackberry lime pie.

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