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Queens day and chocolate chip cookies

By on 06.05.12

I haven’t been updating for a while, it’s hard for me to update regularly since I’m busy with my study daytime and when I come home I cook quick…


Gingerbread House

By on 25.12.11

Merry Christmas everyone!

I made this gingerbread house a while ago now, but didn’t have the time to post it. I had a lot of fun making this house and…

Breads Recipes

Hong Kong style sausage bun

By on 24.09.11

I used to eat Chinese buns almost every week when I was little. Now I don’t get to eat them that often since there is no Chinese bakery in…

Desserts Recipes


By on 27.08.11

Tiramisu is a simple and delicious dessert. My mom got this recipe a long time ago from a, I believe, Italian colleague. Over the years we heaven’t been meassure…

Cookies Recipes

Chocolate chip toffee bits cookies

By on 12.08.11

A while ago I went on holidays to Orlando, USA. Ofcourse I did some foodshopping and brought back chocolate chips and toffee bits since we can not buy them…

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Chocolate mug cake

By on 12.08.11

When I came back from the cinema at midnight I was hungry. (doh) So I went on making this mug cake recipe which I saw a couple of days…


Cinnamon pull apart bread

By on 30.07.11

I saw the cinnamon pull apart bread various times on tastespotting and it made me drool everytime. I just had to make it, last monday I had time so…

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Seafood pizza (step by step recipe)

By on 27.07.11

So a while ago, I made a homemade pizza for the first time. It was delicious.

I used a recipe for pizza dough from the Food Networks Magazine March 2011.