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Paris School

Week 4: puffing up

By on 03.03.14

This week went by so fast, I thought it was week three.. This week I had the morning classes again, which means get up early and go to bed…

Paris School

Semaine trois!

By on 23.02.14

This week we made more tarts, puff pastry dough, went to Rungis and made more tarts. The first tarts of the week were Pierre Hermé’s vanilla tart and coffee…

Paris School

What happened in week 2

By on 16.02.14

Bonjour! Sadly, I’m still unable to speak French.. I’m trying a bit tho. Alors, comme ça! I’m basically only speaking English, which isn’t my mother language, while trying to…

Paris School

School started

By on 09.02.14

Week one at school.. or week six as they like to call it.

The first two days were introduction, on the third day we made some dough and on day…

Drinks Jelly Recipes

Beer?! No, apple jelly!

By on 18.11.12

Seeing the picture probably made you think what the heck? What’s up with that beer? Well, this is not beer. It is apple jelly made in a way so…