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Weekend Tasting: Ciel

Ciel is a pastry shop that only sells angels cakes. I have been here once before in March and had the chocolate cake then. As one of my friends is leaving Paris soon (for good T_T) she wants to try some places before leaving town. One of the places she hadn’t tried yet was Ciel, so off we went. We chose the chocolat/hazelnut and basil angel cakes.


The chocolate hazelnut cake was €6,00 and the basilic only €3,50. Both cakes were great and totally different from each other.

We started with the basilic, we called it our pré dessert as it is vegetal and more an introduction to a dessert than the dessert itself. Anyway, the cake came with a pipette filled with olive oil to sprinkle on the cake. The cake was light in texture, slightly sweetened with a nice basil flavor. It might be just a little bit odd at first bite, but definitely a like for me.

The chocolate hazelnut angel cake had a filling in the center, which was dark chocolate cream and milk chocolate chantilly. On top were some sablé pieces and caramelized hazelnuts. The cakes at Ciel are all not very sweet (I think), neither was this one. It was light in texture and the right amount of sweet. A good not-at-all-heavy chocolate cake. But if you are craving for one of those decadent intense chocolate cakes, like the grand cru from La patisserie des Rêves, this is not the place to be.

There is only one shop, with also some sit-down possibilities located at:3 rue Monge 75005 Paris
The shop is open everyday from 11-20h and Fridays and Saturdays until 22h.


Strawberry dacquoise: A classic french pastry in a new way with strawberries and a basil pastry cream.

Strawberry Basil Dacquoise

Hey there! I’m back home and I have been baking a lot for my birthday, a bbq and some cake orders. Last Friday we had a BBQ with the neighbors and I made this summery dacquoise cake for dessert. A dacquoise cake is made of whipped egg whites, sugars, almond and flour. I think it tastes quite like a macaron shell, as it has the same ingredients. You should try it!

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