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Rilakkuma custard buns

Do you know Rilakkuma already? I didn’t until a couple of years ago. But this adorable bear is almost like Hello Kitty, just not as known by the mainstream outside of Asia. It is Japans fifth most popular character! I made Rilakkuma shaped breads a week ago for my cousin, but without the custard. This time I had crème pâtissiére from the day before in the fridge so it seemed like a great idea to put it inside the buns! It was super delicious!

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Christmas teddy 1x1

Christmas teddy

It’s December already, snow fell yesterday and Christmas is in a few weeks already. Time for some Christmas amigurumi! I wanted to make something for Christmas for weeks, but I’m so busy these days… Thursday I had some free time so I started to make this teddy and finished it today. This is the first pattern I made for my blog, so I hope you like it. :)

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