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Two styles sausage buns

By on 11.08.12

I love sausage buns, the dough is so soft and fluffy. I could eat these everyday as lunch. You can make different ones so you won’t get bored with…

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Panda bread

By on 10.08.12

My little cousin Jo-Ann wanted to make panda bread with me. It’s summer vacation now, so she wanted to do something with me. Since we were going to make…

Breads Recipes

Hong Kong style sausage bun

By on 24.09.11

I used to eat Chinese buns almost every week when I was little. Now I don’t get to eat them that often since there is no Chinese bakery in…


Cinnamon pull apart bread

By on 30.07.11

I saw the cinnamon pull apart bread various times on tastespotting and it made me drool everytime. I just had to make it, last monday I had time so…