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Homemade bagels


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I love bagels, but I don’t didn’t eat them often (until now, as this recipe is so simple). The last time I ate a real, fresh baked bagel must be over 5 years ago in Canada. I probably ate some from the the American/Canadian supermarkets after that really good one, but they were obviously not as nice as the fresh baked one. Here in The Netherlands there is one chain who is “specialized” in bagels, but I’m a student and I’m not willing to pay €7 ($10) for a similar bagel as shown above. I can buy all the ingredients I need with €7 and make a lot of bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon. So I did. We also hit the third recession so I advise you to make some bagels yourself too.

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bacon onion muffin 1x1

Bacon & onion muffins

These are bacon onion muffins topped with some black pepper. I made them quite a while ago. They are great as snacks or part of your lunch.

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Simple scones

I was craving scones for a long time, for months.. or years. I don’t know why I have not made them earlier?! They are so damn easy. I always thought they were difficult, like croissant difficulty. So recently around midnight, I just wanted to eat them so badly. I looked for recipes online and found one that had been made by over 600 people. I decided that I was going to make them the next morning. And I did.

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Homemade pancake mix

I’m my third year of bachelor Industrial Design Engineering and this semester everyone has to do a minor. I chose to do a minor Software Design at the faculty of Computer Science. Even though I live almost next doors, I lunch at the faculty with my two friends every day. This is because we can bring anything to the cafeteria and heat it up in the microwave! We don’t have microwaves at our own faculty so we decided we have to use them every day for this semester. Today’s lunch will consist of pancakes and sandwiches.

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