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Breakfast Recipes

Simple scones

By on 10.11.12

I was craving scones for a long time, for months.. or years. I don’t know why I have not made them earlier?! They are so damn easy. I always…

Cakes Mugcake Pancake / Waffles Recipes

Chocolate chip mug cake made with pancake mix

By on 22.09.12

Okay, I was happy with the previous mug cake recipe I put on here. But oh boy, I will probably never make that again! This new recipe needs 5…

Cakes Recipes

Swiss roll with chocolate filling

By on 21.07.12

Swiss roll cakes are very common in chinese bakeries, but I don’t like those most of the time. The cake is plain cake and the filling is butter cream….

Cakes Cookies Recipes

French madeleine cakes

By on 16.07.12

My mom’s birthday was last Saturday, she once mentioned she wanted madeleine cakes. She couldn’t find the special baking pan, as madeleines would not be madeleines without the shell-like…

Cakes Recipes Snacks

Chocolate mug cake

By on 12.08.11

When I came back from the cinema at midnight I was hungry. (doh) So I went on making this mug cake recipe which I saw a couple of days…