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des gateaux et du pain

Weekend Tasting: Des gateaux et du Pain

Last time I tried the apple tarte tatin from des Gateaux et du Pain, this time we tried the damassé and the chausson au citron. The chausson I had tried before already actually and I think my taste preference changed a bit over these months.

The damessé is like a baby of the parisian flan and the Portugese pastel de nata. It had a mild flavor and was not very sweet. I might say the flavor was too mild maybe. Not bad though, just not as good as the Portugese Pastel de Belem.

des gateaux et du pain

Last time I found the chausson a bit too sour, this time I really appreciated the acidity.

des gateaux et du pain des gateaux et du pain

Overall I really like Des Gateaux et du Pain, the pastries are made less sweet which I appreciate.

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Week 4: puffing up

This week went by so fast, I thought it was week three.. This week I had the morning classes again, which means get up early and go to bed real early. Which makes the days  seem so much shorter. Anyways, this week was puff pastry week at school. So this weeks main ingredient: Butter!

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