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Valentine’s cookies

By on 07.02.13

Valentine’s day is coming up, so here are some cookies you could make for your loved ones. You could make these as just regular heart cookies, hearts with two…

Breads Recipes

Cookie buns (Mexican coffee buns)

By on 03.02.13

I haven’t posted anything in three weeks as I had exams and not a lot of time to bake, take pictures and post them online. But now I have…

Cookies Macarons Recipes

Macarons with chocolate ganache

By on 07.01.13

Hey guys, happy new year! Sorry for sort of neglecting Hungry at Midnight for the past two weeks. I did bake quite a bit, but didn’t make any posts…..

Cookies Recipes

Gift box cookies

By on 19.12.12

Christmas is coming soon, way sooner than I hoped as deadlines and exams are also way too soon now. At least this is my last week and I will…

Cookies Pancake / Waffles Recipes Snacks

Waffle cookies

By on 27.10.12

These waffle cookies are so cool don’t you think? You make the dough and drop spoonsful in your waffle maker and let it do magic for 3 minutes. Hot…