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Weekend Tasting: Dessance

By on 15.04.14

A couple weekends ago I went to Dessance with some friends. This is an all-dessert restaurant. Yes dessert only. The chef is Christophe Boucher (ex chef patissier of Ledoyen…

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Coffee mousse

By on 01.12.12

I wanted mousse, coffee mousse, so I made it. I found a recipe online that looked awesome, so I tried it. The mousse was very nice and I really…

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Blackberry lime pie

By on 01.08.12

This is the first time I made something with blackberries. It may also have been the first time eating them but I’m not sure. My dad bought them at…

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Swiss roll with chocolate filling

By on 21.07.12

Swiss roll cakes are very common in chinese bakeries, but I don’t like those most of the time. The cake is plain cake and the filling is butter cream….

Desserts Recipes


By on 27.08.11

Tiramisu is a simple and delicious dessert. My mom got this recipe a long time ago from a, I believe, Italian colleague. Over the years we heaven’t been meassure…