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5 months in Paris

Five months in Paris have passed. I’ve had five months of pastry training in school and I have gained a kilo for each month. These five months were most definitely the fastest five months in my life. Everything went super fast. Days, classes (except for wine class which always seem to take 10 hours) and gaining weight. Oh well. #YOLO? No, I have a plan. I’m going back home for 1,5 months, will eat healthier and workout more (which is easy because right now, me working out is equal to none).

I haven’t updated my blog about school for a long time now. I don’t think I will blog about those weeks or maybe months anymore. Instead, I will tell you what I did last week and what I will do after this week.

Monday, last week, we had our final exam. This exam consisted of us making an apple tart, eclairs and religieuses in 5 hours. Everything went well but, my apple tart crimping edge still needs improvement. Tuesday we had a day of nothing, at school. The only thing I remembered is drinking some champagne that day.

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2014-04-04 17.28.17


I’m not even sure what school week we are in. I tried to count, and apparently it’s week 10 already Ö …  Somehow time flies very very hard and I lost track of everything that’s been happening. I even forgot to take pictures of some things. But now I gathered all the photo’s I have, so this post is for me to keep track too.

We did viennoiserie, choux and entremet and a week of random things like croissant d’amande, polonaise and some things I forgot and don’t have pictures of. (not worth memorizing I think)2014-03-10 13.13.09 2014-03-12 17.21.57

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Week V: Resto week

So this week was a bit different from the previous weeks, because we had to make the dessert for the school restaurant! We made millefeuille for the restaurant, made macarons for two days, a succès cake and some cake decoration.

Week VI is morning classes again, as I didn’t make any time to blog in the weekend I’m rushing to type this blog before going to bed.. Which is at latest around 23:00h. Below are the caipirinha my partner en I did on macaron day two. The macarons of day one were “olive oil and vanilla” and “apricot and saffran”.


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Weekend Tasting

The day started at Sébastien Gaudard. Here we bought:

  • La tarte au citron
  • Le Paris-Brest
  • Le Mussipontain
  • Chocolate orange pastry, don’t know the name anymore… I think it was something like polonaise 

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Semaine trois!

This week we made more tarts, puff pastry dough, went to Rungis and made more tarts. The first tarts of the week were Pierre Hermé’s vanilla tart and coffee tart. Half of the class made vanilla and the other half coffee. I did the vanilla. Both tarts consist of a sweet dough crust, vanilla/coffee ganache, biscuit à la cuillère soaked in vanilla/coffee syrup, vanilla/coffee cream and vanilla/coffee glaze.


Next up was making puff pastry! Regular and inverse puff pastry dough. We made it in advance (mise en place) and proceeded with a Linzer torte……Worst pastry I have eaten while in Paris.

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What happened in week 2

Bonjour! Sadly, I’m still unable to speak French.. I’m trying a bit tho. Alors, comme ça! I’m basically only speaking English, which isn’t my mother language, while trying to learn French. Every now and then I only know the right word in the wrong language.

This week we made a lot more than the previous week! I’m really happy we did, because otherwise it would be way too slow for my liking. In the picture above you can see my Instagram pictures of this week. I see I am missing some pictures, but to sum it up we made:

  • Tarte aux poires
  • Tarte creme d’amande + framboise
  • Tarte aux pommes
  • Tarte au citron
  • Tarte au chocolat
  • Tarte Victoria
  • Daquoise tart

I also had boulangerie Tuesday, which was awesome! We made baguettes, whole wheat and rye bread. I ate so much bread that day, you can not even imagine.

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ma baguette

Hello France

I have arrived in France. Everything has been typical French since my arrival. I don’t understand what the people are saying, things are expensive, I have gotten more paperwork in these couple of days than in the past year and I see people walking around with baguettes in their hands. Those baguettes they are carrying are not packaged. No no, they hold it with a napkin. Apparently that’s normal. I’ll try to make photo’s next time, it was already dark out when I saw those people. :p

Today I had to go to the bank and afterwards we walked past La Grande Epicerie De Paris. I think this is the nicest supermarket I have ever been to! I had a baguette Parissien(I think) which consisted of a light brown baguette, butter, ham, cheese and a pickle. The photo above was my lunch.

Anyway, school is starting real soon.  Lot’s of things are going to change and I’m excited. My pastry life will begin!

I have some resolutions for the coming year or so. This is for you guys to read, but also for myself to track what I did and when.

For the blog:

  1. Photograph everything I create at Ferrandi
  2. Blog about it at least weekly
  3. Make a food (at least pastry) diary of what I ate


  1. Eat all the pastry I want but without getting fat, so working out (and staying healthy) is a must
  2. Get to know Paris very well
  3. Speak French at least at a basic level
  4. Go to Disneyland
  5. Have lots of fun
  6. Learn drinking wine

Weekend trip Lille and Brugge

Last weekend I went to Lille, it is only around 200 km south so we went by car. Drive for less than three hours and you have crossed trough Belgium and you are in France! You notice the difference immediately once you cross the not-so-border-like (European Union) Nederlands-Belgium border. The road signs are not vibrant blue and the street lights are different. The differences between Belgium and France are harder to detect in my opinion. Also North-France and Vlaanderen were once united. I didn’t eat crazy many tartelettes this time, as I now know how to make them myself, but I did enjoy looking and eating some of the local foods.

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