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Paris School

What happened in week 2

By on 16.02.14

Bonjour! Sadly, I’m still unable to speak French.. I’m trying a bit tho. Alors, comme ça! I’m basically only speaking English, which isn’t my mother language, while trying to…

Pastry Recipes

L’eclair au café de Christophe Adam!

By on 13.11.13

A couple of months ago I started to gain interest for this book of Christophe Adam called Eclairs!, it was only available in French (my French is still very…

Cakes Recipes

Lemon Cake

By on 03.08.13

It’s been a while. A lot has happened since my last post in May. From May to July I had to focus on my last period of university. Oh…

Cookies Macarons Recipes

Macarons with chocolate ganache

By on 07.01.13

Hey guys, happy new year! Sorry for sort of neglecting Hungry at Midnight for the past two weeks. I did bake quite a bit, but didn’t make any posts…..

Cakes Cookies Recipes

French madeleine cakes

By on 16.07.12

My mom’s birthday was last Saturday, she once mentioned she wanted madeleine cakes. She couldn’t find the special baking pan, as madeleines would not be madeleines without the shell-like…