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Two styles sausage buns

I love sausage buns, the dough is so soft and fluffy. I could eat these everyday as lunch. You can make different ones so you won’t get bored with them, try different sausages etc. Until now I only made the spiral formed ones, Hong Kong style sausage buns. Then I couple weeks ago I saw different shapes with cheese and ketchup on top of them. Seemed easy and worth a try.

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Hong Kong style sausage bun

I used to eat Chinese buns almost every week when I was little. Now I don’t get to eat them that often since there is no Chinese bakery in a close range from my house and the quality has dropped.

So nowI make sausage buns and bbq pork buns once in a while and store them in my fridge. These are so yummy at university as a lunch!

I found the recipe at Christine’s Recipes and have made these three or four times already.

The dough is somewhat sticky to work with, maybe I have to knead it longer… I don’t have a bread machine, but I use the KitchenAid to knead the dough, it works fine but it seems stickier than it should be. Continue for the recipe!

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