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Thailand: Back home

My vacation is over and I didn’t update while I was in Thailand. Sorry, bad blogger behaviour. University also started this week. I’m in my third year now and doing a minor Software Design.

My vacation in Thailand was great, I ate a lot of sweet mango with sticky rice, pad thai and other nomnom foods. I also succeeded in shopping a lot and buying what I had on my shopping list. I will post more pictures over at the Hungry At Midnight facebook page.

When we arrived in Bangkok at our hotel we immediately went to platinum shopping mall and central world. These shopping malls were close to the hotel, only the pavements are not the best and because of the heat you’d rather not walk.

A part of Central World burned down a couple of years ago and is now totally new again. It’s a very big shopping mall with two department stores and a lot of shops and restaurants. Platinum fashion mall is a huge wholesale mall with over 2500 stores (!!!!!). All those little stores packed with so much stuff are located in two buildings with 6 levels. The buildings are next to each other and there’s a good food court on the 6th floor.
It’s not only wholesale in this mall, Everyone can buy here, only thing is that if you buy one it’s more expensive per piece than buying 3.

The next day we went to Jomtiem. This is Jomtiem beach. Most parts of the beach are full of beach chairs which you can rent for the day for 30 baht or so.

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Thailand: Going on vacation

I’m going to Thailand in two days, yay ūüėÄ I just came home from a vaccination and my arm feels numb for two hours already. I wanted to make cookies but it is very¬†uncomfortable¬†to squeeze my hand right now.. Hopefully later this day.

I’m looking forward to eat and shop. This will be my fifth time going to Thailand and will be going with my parents. We will stay in Bangkok and Jomtiem (next to Pattaya).

Jomtiem is for beach, relaxation, eating and some shopping. Bangkok is to shop! I will of course visit Chinatown, here you can find bulk items for really cheap. Years ago I bought 72 pencils in a cup for ‚ā¨2. So I will be buying more stationary stuff, craft supplies and maybe some¬†accessories. Nikon camera stuff is often cheaper in Thailand too, as their factory is placed there. I want a new lens so I will visit Pan Tip, super big tech mall, on the first day I think.

Next to pad thai and curry there’s a lot of good Japanese food in Thailand. I will enjoy that a lot, there’s also a robot waiter restaurant somewhere which I want to visit and of course I can not wait to eat sweet juicy mango with sticky rice. omnomnomnom and noodles and satays and and and … OMG

As I am writing this I think I should lose weight in advance to fit in my clothes there, but it may be to late already to do that. Haha. And my arm is numb.

Will try to update when I’m there!